Saturday, July 21, 2007

The countdown is on. Shit.

I got a phone call last night from my school's director saying he arranged my flight and I'd be going in less than a week! I knew that this was a possibility, but for some reason i didn't really think I'd be leaving that soon. I'm finishing up my current job tomorrow, getting all of my stuff packed (somehow- there's a lot of it), and heading to Halifax where I'll be flying out. I doubt there will be time to have a proper send off- probably no pub nights out with close friends, and definitely not going out to visit my vast number of family members.

Am I leaving with any reservations? Not really. I've been reading other ex-pat's blogs constantly, trying to get my head around what I'll be experiencing in less than a week. My main worries include: my quick Visa Run over to Japan, jet lag, not having anyone to show me around, and not having enough money with me. Even with all these little worries at the back of my mind, I know deep down that I'll be fine, and I won't have problems meeting people or getting around. I have one friend, Scott, who is 15 minutes away, and another friend, Clint, who is in Seoul (just a subway ride away). So bring on South Korea. I'm excited for the change of scenery!

People I'll miss: Mom and Dad, Rory and Sar, Matt and Margret, Zaphyl, Mandy, Andie, Moni, Stef, Shellbell, David Rankin, and countless other Acadia people. And my Aunts and Uncles. They're pretty great.

People I won't miss: Jerkface tourists, a certain co-worker, awkward past flings, the blackflies at my house, and the town of Baddeck in general. Stay tuned as the last comment may change as the year goes by (but I doubt it).

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