Friday, November 30, 2007

Please buy my TA, Amy, for 5000 won:

She has a cheery disposition, rosy cheeks, no warts, plays games, all sorts... you get the idea.
On second thought, I've decided not to sell.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bored Children on the Bus try their Hand at Photography:

Kiss kiss!

The bad kids always sit in the back... but why are they all from my class?

Peek a boo.

Action shot of Miss Rachel

I look that bad every morning.

Dear Hercules: I wish you were my little brother. I would buy you costco ice cream every day and talk to you about important things, like how many fruit roll ups are in the fruit roll up box.

For those who don't know, Hercules is Jay's youngest son. He comes on our trips to Costco and the lady teachers spoil him with hot dogs and ice cream.

This little girl goes by the name of "Euro". I really like it. She's cute, too.

The photographer herself. She's very good at the self portraits.

Euro, holding back the giggles.

Miss Kim... well, part of Miss Kim. Good job, Sarah. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Miss Kim!

Last week was Kim's 25th birthday and we celebrated by going to dinner at TGI Friday's in Ingyedong. I want to say we had a great time, and we did, but the service at that restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. At least Rachel made a sweet cake and we got free food (because we complained about the service about a gazillion different times). I hate complaining at restaurants, but I think this might be the one time it was justified! We still managed to celebrate Kim's big day with vigour and enthusiasm, I think. Silly me, one mojito later and I'm a birthday party MACHINE!

The whole crew: Amy and Drew are giving peace signs; I am giving Kerri bunny ears.

Janine, Kerri, and Amy

Drew, look at the camera!

Rachel and Kim

Best thing about TGI's that night? They're musical ability. I really wanted to join this band; it was the cheesiest happy birthday (in Korean) ever! The tambourine guy was my favourite. He tried to give me a party hat, but Kerri stole it. Then he tried to make her take it off and give it to me, but she wasn't paying attention. Oh well, there goes the man of my dreams...

The cake Rachel made for Kim! Actually, I think she made several cakes... whatever, it was delicious.

And finally, what do the students think about Miss Kim? Why don't you find out from a primary source:

Monday, November 26, 2007

Random, Random, Random...

I haven't blogged in a few days and I'm sorry about that. I've been busy planning my life for next year, so it took prevalence over blogging (gasp! such blasphemy!). I got a great sounding job in Germany starting next summer which will start pretty much immediately after my contract in Korea ends, being an au pair for a busy and fun-sounding family, so I'm pretty stoked! I'm still loving my Korean life though, and this past weekend I took the much-revered trip to Costco that my bosses take us on once a month. I bought a 15 pack of macaroni and cheese, a double pack of cream cheese, and broccoli and cheese soup. I think it's safe to say that the thing I miss most from home (foodwise) is cheese. Agreed? I also got some bagels- a necessity for the cream cheese. I'm a very happy girl right now!

I finished most of my Christmas shopping yesterday around Suwon Station, where most of the good shopping is in town. They have a Body Shop, an English book store, clothing that would actually fit most Westerners, and lots of neat little trinket and jewellry stands. The best thing about Christmas shopping around Suwon Station? No, it's not the crazy man selling those poor baby bunnies wearing tube socks as shirts (I HATE that guy) for 10, 000 won apiece. It's the gigantic Christmas tree, the christmas music blaring from outdoor speakers, and the lovely decorated archways that make me feel like I'm in Rockafellar Square as opposed to a dirty, but charming city in the heart of Korea. We're going there for a Christmas photo shoot very soon, and I will show you it's awesomeness first hand!

For now, please enjoy some rando pictures:

A shop in the Insadong underground. It's a pretty average conversation to have, I think. "Hey! Check out my new underwear!".

We made a new friend at McDonalds... Jina, one of our TA's, says he is a famous Korean TV star (I think she said TV). Kerri really likes him!

I'm a little more skeptical.

But Liz just loves him!

One lonely gerbil among the bunnies at Emart. For God's sake, someone just BUY him! Look how alone he feels.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Shopping in Sub Zero Temperatures. Excellent!

View of the Han while crossing on the subway. It was such a clear day; hardly any smog!

There was a bit of smog on this side. I wish I lived in one of those apartments on the hillside.

One of the winding alleyways in Insadong

The shops put a lot of their merchandise out in the street to attract people... but really, every store sells the same thing!

Janine and Amy

Kerri, Janine, and Robot/Heater Salesman

Liz attempted to pound rice into dough, but the pounder mallet was too heavy for her to lift. Eventually she lifted it, and everyone watching burst out cheering.

This guy was doing a really cool fan dance. I took this from a shopping terrace. There's always something happening in Insadong.

Pottery for sale!

I found this really cool left wing shop... after I took the picture I found the "No Pictures" sign. Oops.

It was a good day for interesting coffee mugs. I should have just bought one!

Rory and Matt's Christmas presents! Just kidding Margret and Sar. Their gifts are slightly less exciting (but only slightly).

There was a greenhouse lane on the shopping terrace... it was very pretty.

I look like a fool

But Kerri looks excellent! I'm jealous.

Like I said, a GREAT day for coffee mugs

These university peeps were demonstrating in the street. Kerri and I became the white poster girls for encouraging Korean youth to vote in the upcoming election (they're dressed like a bride and groom because they were saying that election day should be as important as your wedding day).

The chopstick stand. This poor woman was freezing.

Traditional Korean Greeting Card?

Where's Waldo Moment: can YOU see the Christmas decorations?

We ended the day at a traditional Korean teahouse. This was my lovely, hot cup of rosebud tea. It tots warmed me up.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alice's Village (sucks)

Maybe that's mean, but I didn't really enjoy the field trip we took our morning kindergarten's on. Alice's Village is a (supposed) place where kids can come and learn about different cultures in English, all under the guise of being a fun, wonderland-esque theme park. It really didn't have anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, except for the buildings and the general "ambience". For lack of a better word. So yeah, the children were supposed to learn about different cultures from around the world. A great concept, I think. Just one thing, Alice's Village: Europe, Africa, North and South America are not countries- they're actuallly called continents. And no, there is no language known as "African" as we later had to explain to some kids after they were misinformed by their guide. I guess the important thing is that the kids had fun, though, and I should stop ranting and show you some pictures!

All lined up and ready to go!

Entering the village through the mouth of the monster! I thought it was supposed to be a rabbit hole/key hole? Oh well.

The Cheshire Cat! Smiling, as always. If only I could say the same for our tour guide!

The treatsure chest. Possibly containing mind (and height) altering mushrooms.

Our tour guide wasn't doing such a great job, so Daniel took over. "And over here you will see the table where Alice had tea with the mad hatter..."

Tiger and Ha Jin, the happy couple. Yes, I named my cat after Ha Jin. Yes, she is my favourite student. Yes, I know I shouldn't have a favourite.

The white rabbit's house.

The Queen's army!

The Mad Hatter's hat/building.

Tiger had to take an important call. It just couldn't wait.

Lily and Ha Jin, learning about the Amazon rainforest. Although I doubt, as our tour guide told us, that the tribes living within the jungle are the Incas. Didn't they live in the Andes?

Tiger and Daniel, checking out the rainforest animals! Cuties.

Another cutie. Amy wants to show off her new hat! Rory, I'm getting you one of these for Christmas.