Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lazy Sundays

Last Sunday, after hearing about some kind of celebration going on at Hwaseong Fortress, Charlene and I decided to go see some Korean culture. However, once we got to the fortress we were overcome by the heat and I reeeeally didn't feel like climbing the mountain, and then after talking to a tourist information attendant and realizing the celebrations were all over the fortress (five miles in diametre) and didn't start til 8PM, we decided to give it up and went to the nearby Paladmum Market for some kicks. This is what our journey looked like:

A fancy drum at Hwaseong Fortress

Whoever says Koreans lack a sense of humour is so, so wrong.

Dragon fish! Hwaseong Fortress

Bus stop at Hwaseong Fortress

The product practically sells itself!

Countless shoes for sale in Paladmum Market.

Mmmmm delicious grubs in old clay pots- a favourite snack for many Koreans.

After deciding that the heat was too much for us, Charlene and I made our way downtown to Ingaedong (sp?), where we wanted to find a place to sit and have coffee. After getting frustrated with the buses around Hwaseong Fortress we finally just got on whichever one was emptiest (we had to escape the heat! A Cape Bretoner and a Newfoundlander are apparently useless at times of great humidity) and went to Suwon Station, where we hopped another bus which took us to Ingaedong. We stopped at a cafe that had outdoor seating and people-watched for awhile (Charlene watched, I invaded people's privacy by taking pictures).

Enjoying a well-earned smoothie. I have such a tough life.

Charlene, looking happy to be sitting in a breezy area!

Scuba Steve?
The pretty sqaure in the middle of Ingaedong, where all the children come to swim. I really wish I had the guts to join them- I miss the river!

Zooming between children playing in the fountain in Ingaedong

Cellulite, spandex, and high heels- a dangerous mix.

Thus ends my Sunday on the town. I'm glad I found a decent (albeit, expensive) cafe to lounge around now that I'm having serious Just Us! withdrawl.

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