Thursday, August 9, 2007

Minor Annoyances

Here is my new table, found in the garbage outside my apartment building (it was love at first sight).

Today has been a good day so far. My Kindergartens were great, and it's really been easy to get into their usual routine without too many "But Mees Janine! Mees Kerri does thees instead!"'s. My ESL kids are another story! The book is confusing, there's too much of a grey area in their routine, and the kids are coming to me directly from school so they definitely don't want to listen to me- and they're English is not as great as the much younger children I see every day. It's hard, but this is what I've signed up for and I expect nothing less! I'd probably be ready for a nap if I had been in regular school all day and then had to come to English school. My favourite students so far have turned out to be the students who struggle with the language, which is surprising. I think I just don't want them to think they're any worse than the smartest students in the class, and I definitely don't want them to think they're dumb- these kids work really hard.

The blogging thing is getting to me- or, I guess I should say my lack of knowledge of blogging is getting to me. I want to be able to change the settings but the webpage here is all in Korean, so all I can do is blindly click on random things until I get to my blog. It blows... I can't figure out how to translate the page!

On a brighter note, I've had a successful first garbage haul- translation: Koreans throw out anything that is out of style or of no use to them anymore, regardless of it's condition. So a few days ago I came across a really cool mahogony table that was just leaning against my building with a garbage tag on it. So I took it. I'll post a picture if I ever get my luggage from Korean customs- another source of slight annoyance. But my apartment is looking better! All I need is some stuff for my walls and some houseplants. And a cat? Maybe in my dreams.

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