Friday, August 17, 2007

Red Light District/ Market

Since it was Korea's independence day on Wednesday, all schools (and thus, all teachers) got the day off! I decided to go to this market I had heard about near Suwon Station. As has been the current trend, I started out alone but ended up walking around with two people I met in the market. I also ended up having a good time and we went for galbi. Of course, the days events were pretty depressing considering some of the things we saw and the places we went (red light district, mistreating baby animals, not nice stuff). But the company was enjoyable. I'm liking this independence thing that has come along with my move to Korea- I can just up and go at a moment's notice! Here are some pics from my day...

This picture doesn't do the size of this dog justice. I mean, his head alone was MASSIVE. I think he's a Korean dog... he looked more like a wolf than a dog, to be honest. Or maybe I just wanted my picture taken with him because I miss my own dog. Who knows.

Fresh squid anyone?
Mmmmmmmm, delicious galbi shared with new people whom I met at the Market (we whites tend to stick out in a crowd).
Ingedong at night (downtown Suwon)

We decided to take a stroll through one of the two red light districts in my city. Prostitutes sit in these curtained windows at night to invite potential customers into the... for lack of a better word... whorehouse.
One of the alleys in the red light district. There were women sitting in bras waiting for men, even in the middle of the afternoon.
Apparently, one barber pole means you can just get a haircut and a shave. However, two barber poles side by side means that you can get a shave, a haircut, and a sexy massage. Lovely.

These baby bunnies looked so scared! It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen, and the guy who was selling them kept throwing them around by the ears. He cut out tube socks to make the bunny shirts, and they were so tight the bunnies could hardly move. I almost punched the man in the face, but I remembered that a lot of White people end up in jail for punching Koreans so I just walked away.
The poor little beeble (to use Ror and sar's terminology).

Street shot of the Market near Suwon Station.

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