Monday, September 3, 2007

Maple Bear Staff Galbi Party

Kim and our new coworker Lisa!

Charlene, Sandra, and Lucy- Sandra is six months pregnant. Seriously.

I look like I'm picking Jay's nose!

The lovebirds: Kim and her fiance, Drew

Kerri's shot of Soju: the initial reaction

Taking the plunge
Happy it's over!

Three glasses for three different liquors! Beer, rice wine, soju.

Love Shot: Helena and her wine (?)

Love Shot: Kerri and Kim

Shot of soju with Anna and Kerri

Me and Helen

Me and Lucy- this was hers, Anna's and Andy's goodbye party, and mine and Lisa's hello party.

The whole drunk group.

Anna, Andy.... and a conspicuous Chris in the back along with all the Korean staff


More TA's
The tableaus
I like this one. Charlene is a vegetarian and they placed all the bloody meat in front of her.

Galbi on the grill
Kim, showing me how it's done.

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Looks delicious!