Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Little Something We Call Walkin' the Dog

This is a store in my neighbourhood where you can buy as many Korean side dishes (because in Korea, meals aren't meals without at least five side dishes) as you want. Just like a candy store, they'll just give you whatever sides you want, weigh them, and charge you by the weight. Quite inexpensive and delicious! If you're wondering why the little girl looks scared, she freaked out when she saw the dog. Seriously though, he's just a little poodle. Even grown men are scared of him!

All kinds of goodies for your sweetheart for sale outside Paris Baguette. Pepero Day is tots romantic.

In Gokbanjeong-dong: the YC gym, galbi, and PB bangs. That's pretty much all my neighbourhood has- oh, wait... we have some hair salon's, too! I love my neighbourhood.

A new cafe just opened a few streets over from me. The name is appealing, no?

My latest garbage find. Finally, after asking for a guitar for Christmas all those years, I find one in the street. The Gods are smiling! It's only missing one E string... now I just need to find a place to fix it for me.

Downtown, by Emart. My camera is no good at night, I've decided.

Korea's answer to Walmart? No, I would say Korea's answer to The Bay. That seems like a closer match.

Staring longingly at Korean high fashion...

Almost at Emart! Fozzie is looking back to make sure I'm still with him. Cutie.

We need to do something about his demon eyes.

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