Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where the Majority of My Korean Life is Spent

I really don't consider Yeongtong part of Suwon. I think it's a city in itself. Anyways, this is where I work! If you look at the photo below, you will see what my life consists of: bus rides (I don't take the 720-1, though- just to be honest), waiting on traffic, pollution, and construction (they're building a subway line, which will be convenient once completed).

If you look at the third building from the left you can see my school! It's the one with the red and white vertical sign.

This is the Korean dream (or so I've been told): get married, have a kid or two, and live in one of these high rises while maintaining the same, socially acceptable job for the rest of your prefessional life. This, my friends, is what happens when Confucianism modernizes!

Oh, hello! This is my confession to my mother: I have been getting my hair chemically straightened (in Korea, they call it "Magic Straight", and ladies, it works like a charm). This little wave is as curly as my hair gets now, and I couldn't be happier! I'm sorry, Mom.


Tyler Seed said...

Happy Peperro Day! Janine, thanks for your comment. Your blog is great. Did you discover me as I did you; through Stranger in Suwon?

p.s. your hair looks very nice.

Janinel said...

Why yes I did! Eva's blog has introduced me to nearly every other expat blog I read; yours is one of my favourites!

Happy Belated Peperro Day to you as well (is it really spelled with two r's?), and thanks for the hair support! Keep up the wicked awesome blogging.