Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Korean Kristmas

Morning attire: sarongs and socks (thanks Mom and Dad and Matt and Margret)

Evening attire: Merry Christmas Janine...

Love, Janine.

There was turkey at Now Bar!

And Mrs. C (the bar owner) was looking festive and cheerful! Gad love her.

Fozzie and Ker at Christmas morning brunch.

Drew's little Christmas Tree. Too cute.

My parents sent 2 lbs. of my favourite Fair Trade coffee and I made cafe mochas for everyone!

Fozzie is so noncholant.

And he looks like he hates me in this picture.

My presents, sent from home with loving care.

And of course, my mother filled my stocking and sent that too.

Somi had too much catnip.

Ha Jin tore my apartment apart

First thing Christmas morning! Dishevelled kitty and dishevelled Janine.

Merry Christmas!


zaaaaaack said...

your cats look soo disheveled! that black and orange one craaacks me up.
Looks like fun Janine - wish i could have had a mocha!!

Amanda said...

Love you J-9! Merry Christmas, wish I could have been with you. :]
Your gift will be in the mail on January 2nd (so belated - I'm stuck in other provinces now, and it didn't make it to the post before i left the rock), so seriously expect it around Valentine's Day. haha

Janinel said...

Aw, I love you guys. I wish you could have both had mochas and met my crazy cats and went to my crazy bar. Merry Christmas! mandy: don't worry about it! Do you still need my address?

Tyler Seed said...

merry christmas. can't believe you guys have cats and dogs. very jealous.