Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We've got Wedding Fever

If you're in Korea and engaged, I've got good news for you. There is an entire street in Seoul (Mapo area, near Ehwa Women's University) devoted to nothing but wedding dresses! I mean, that's fun even if, like me, you aren't even close to engaged! Luckily, Kim is engaged and gave me a chance to pretend I am too. We had gone to this area in Seoul at the end of August to look for a possible seamstress for Kim's wedding dress, and we had found a place where the son of the seamstress spoke English so we thought that would be the ideal scenario... imagine you not understanding a word your seamstress tells you and it's something as important as your wedding dress!

Anyway, we went back to that store on Sunday, Korean friends in tow for interpretational purposes, and found it closed:

Uh oh.

Kim could have been as happy as this bride.

And these little people outfits were very cute.

We waited for awhile...

But what could be done?

Finally, we just called the number on the sign. They told our Korean friend that they would re-open at 3 PM, since they were at church all morning. No prob! We went for a nice lunch and headed back around 3. When we got there, we weren't overly impressed with this woman's seam work, and realizing that we no longer needed the English speaking son we thanked her politely and went on our way.

Lots of jewellry to try on...

And tiaras too! Oh my.

We finaaaaally found the perfect place: the seamstress agreed to create the exact replica of the picture Kim brought in and for a far more reasonable price than the other seamstresses. This is where the fun began.

Instead of getting the bride to model possible veils, the seamstress chose Amy and Rachel to show them off. Amy was loving it.

Showing Kim other veil possibilities...

Oh! Where did that tiara come from... and why am I taking pictures of myself on Kim's day...? I am so vain. And finally, wearing a proper tiara as any princess should wear.

OK, maybe I was having a little too much fun. Leave it to Rachel to bring me back down to earth.

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