Monday, January 21, 2008

Ehwa Women's University

Well, on Saturday we had the big wedding dress day where Kim tried on her dress for the first time. I can't say what it looks like, but I will say it's beautiful. Drew will love it.

The dress shop was in Seoul, as I've mentioned before, just a block or so away from the Ehwa Women's University subway stop. We had Kim's dress fitting and decided to find a place for lunch in the cooler area closer to the university (just a street over). We found a great "bistro", for lack of a better word, with a great Mediterranean style buffet, paninis, pizza, and more. I ordered the "double cheese roasted garlic" pizza with some type of greens... radicchio? Maybe? Anyway, in Korea it was called double cheese roasted garlic, but where I come from in Canada we just call it GARLIC FINGERS! That's right, I found a place in Seoul where I can go whenever the craving strikes! It's not 100% the same, but the flavour comes pretty close. I'm pretty happy. Here's what my pizza looked like:

I had to take a few pictures of the neighbourhood because it's pretty cool. I think of the area surrounding the university as shabby chic. Yes, that is the proper term.

It was a lovely but freezing day.

Our restaurant was on a steep hill. It reminded me of Halifax.

Walking down toward the university.

At the subway station: possibly the largest escalator I have ever seen or heard of. This picture doesn't even do it justice.

View of the neighbourhood from The Coffee Bean (where I have found delicious cafe au laits).

Scarves for sale! This area really sells to young women, I guess because the university isn't co-ed. Those poor girls.

Street vendors galore, as is the norm everywhere I go.

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