Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Intimate Itaewon

A recent trip into Itaewon:

Which is better: creepy, smiling man in?

Or out.

This restaurant is pretty delishnan. For 15 bucks they have a never-ending all-you-can-eat buffet of any kind of curry or Indian dish you can imagine. I love it so much. The last time we went, the owner's Dad was sitting in a corner and he told us all about Bangladesh before partition. Such a sweet old man.

What I thought was an innocent shot of a Hello Kitty sticker is really more of a picture of me and Kim in the window's reflection. I love my accidental cool shots. Maybe I should take a course on photography.

Welcome to Hooker Hill, as it has been aptly named by expats. Home to gay bars and... hookers. A fun Saturday night all on one hill!

The main street in Itaewon.

Vendors and kiosks abound, as always...

Pancho's! This is Itaewon in all its glory.

This guy made suits for Pavarotti himself. Apparently. There's also a guy in Insadong who apparently did a portrait of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

I... didn't know this place existed.

This isn't Itaewon, it's a subway station on the way home. I just figured I'd show you what the outdoor stations look like. The subways come on the closest sides and in the middle the freight and passenger trains go to various places around Korea. I'll be on one to Pusan for Lunar New Years. Very exciting.


Helena said...

Is that Pavarotti?

Helena said...

I swear the caption wasn't there when I posted.

Janinel said...

Haha, you're right! I was posting in between classes... sorry for the mix up!