Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Take One

Of course no St Patrick's Day would ever be complete without going to my beloved Now Bar. Don't take the "beloved" part the wrong way, either. I'm not an alcoholic or anything. I just feel the same way as nearly every other foreign teacher in Suwon!

The bar was dazzling with green decorations everywhere and the ambience was decidedly Irish. Only in the past few weeks have I realized how many actual Irish people live in Suwon. I could have sworn we were all Canadian with the odd American thrown in! Ok, no. I'm not that much of a bigot. But this was definitely the first time in my history of celebrating St Paddy's that I actually partied with real-live Irish people, and to think, I had to come all the way to Korea to do it. How...ironic?

No Guinness, but plenty of Cass! Possibly the worst beer in the universe... no wait; second worst. Hite, which is the other beer you can get in Korea, is the worst. Anyways, everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. As if we ever don't enjoy ourselves on the weekend, but whatevs. Most of us were wearing green, at least!

My dear friend Tim, discussing something very important with me. Or so it would seem. I think at one point he asked "What are you?", to which I replied "I'm a libra-scorpio." He was actually asking about my heritage, but I believe on St Patrick's that question is redundant since everyone is Irish. So there, Tim.

Tim brought some friends and we all hung out at the same table. Totes fun.

This is the best picture taken that night. It really captures how delicious Korean "nacho" chips really are.

My friend Veronica and her pal Michelle showed up looking very festive. I was pretty jealous of their awesome outfits.

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Amanda said...

Will there be a St. Pat's take two? Such suspense!