Thursday, April 24, 2008

BBQ and Softball in Yeongtong

So I've already talked about how great my Saturday in Everland was spent, but in all actuality, my Sunday was also pretty epic. A bunch of Now Bar people got together at a school in the area to make use of their sporting facilities. The plan was to celebrate our friend Andrew's birthday with a BBQ and a game of softball, but Andrew didn't even show up in the end. I still don't know what happened there! Anyway, though, the game went on and so did the BBQ and the Cass-ah drinking. It was totes fun.

My friend Veronica has a hedgehog! This one is not hers. But it belongs to her friends, who I met at the game. They had their two hedgehogs on an outing, and they were the cutest things I've ever seen. I kinda want one (...NO Janine, STOP).

Mich brought out his diggery doo. He's a pretty talented guy. Nova Scotian, too. Go fig.

To my delight my two yoga buddies showed up, too! I was so happy to see Grace and Rachel (I should note that Grace and I became friends while in Korea through my brother's girlfriend, who is good friend's with Grace's sister back in Canada...very random, eh?)

Ciara and Michelle taking a break from the festivities.

I'm saying "for God's sake, why don't you just SMILE at the damn camera?" all the while failing to do so myself. I'm such a hypocrite.

My pal Jeremy was purposely missing out on the ultimate frisbee game until people started taking off articles of clothing. Suddenly he was gone to play and we were all left looking puzzled.

Me and Patrick and Michelle and Kim were the only ones not playing ultimate frisbee by the end. I'm not coordinated at the best of times, but after two beers with a new pair of glasses and it being nighttime, I would have hindered the team rather than helped. Actually, I hindered my softball teamearlier in the day. And every sports team I've ever been on, for that matter.

The frisbee game was divided into the girls against the guys. This is the winning picture! I'd show you the guys' losing picture, but they had lost their pants by that time.


Adeel said...

I found your blog looking for information about what life is like in Suwon. That looks like a yes to me.


Adeel said...

Er, a yes to my job offer.

That's a clever blog title.

Janinel said...

Why thank you! I might see you soon :)

Miss Bookworm said...

I am moving to Suwon in 2 weeks, and have enjoyed your blog.

Janinel said...

Oh great! What school?

Miss Bookworm said...

International Leaders Club

Anonymous said...

hehe i also just came across you blog
im a teacher in Suwon yet i havent seen any other foreign teacher yet :)
im teaching at young bok middle school :)
i was just wondering if you had andy suggestions on meeting other teachers in the area :)
-ED Onkaspol

onkfu said...

heres my account to email me at

-ED Onkaspol