Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Weekend of Waegook Cook (and I Didn't Lose My Mind)

A few weekends ago the Suwon Stormers partook in their second tournament since their formation earlier this year. Three of us Now Bar folk also made the journey down to the town of Gumi (located very close to Daegu and about 3 hours away from Suwon by train) to cheer on our fellow Suwonians and enjoy the change of scenery. Now, we all know where my level of understanding is on the sport of touch rugby- it's pretty much a zero and as I've said before I'm completely comfortable with that. However, there being only three supporters for the Stormers I actually had to learn a few more things about the game and, what's more, I found it enjoyable.

Some things I learned that are OK to shout during a touch rugby tournament:

"NICE HANDS!"- referring to.... well... something about hands. I can't remember now when Lindsay and I shouted this particular slogan.

"HOLD THE LINE!"- referring to the defensive line (as I wanna call it) that the team forms when they're trying to protect their end.

"GOOD TRI!"- referring not to a failed attempt, but when the team scores a goal I guess it's called a tri. Lindsay and I switched it up a bit and shouted "NICE TRY!" when a valiant but failed attempt to score occurred. That was our added little touch. The rugby world can thank us later.

So the team did very well- much better than their first tournament! They won the loser's round this time and as a result they won a 50$ gift certificate for the bar afterwards, which was spent on several pitchers of sangria. I know, eh? A pretty girly drink for such a manly game. But there you have it.

After drinking said pitchers, the team thought they needed an actual trophy to take home to prove to everyone they actually won something. Since they were the "plate winners" of the tournament they naturally stole plates which Aidan later wrote on to commemorate the first successful tournament. It now hangs on Mrs. C's liquor cabinet at Now Bar (proudly):

And now, here are the rest of the tournament pictures.

The team upon arriving in Gumi. Patrick is talking to a cab driver in the background.

We didn't quite know where we were going, but the guy who organized the tournament (and who owns an expat bar, Waegook Cook's) spoke to our cab drivers and we ended up at the bar for some post-train, pre-game drinks. No beauty rest for the Suwon Stormers. Please note Grace's busted eye. Luke did it to her (totally by accident) during their previous Wednesday night practise.

This is our (mine and Lindsay's) best attempt at practicing cheerleading. Just check out those spirit fingers!

And while you're at it, check out that team spirit.

This was what happened first thing the next morning. Brings back memories of home in the spring time.

Team shot before their first game! L-R: Aidan, Jeremy, Wally, Luke, Paul, Grace, Andrew, Mike and Patrick.

And WHO could forget the main support system? Lindsay and I, putting our spirit finger skills into action. We call ourselves RugBunnies, by the way. Has a nice ring to it.

Game shots...

Grace and her enterouge.

Look at Aidan's head on the right hand side of the picture. Doesn't he look angry?
Our favourite team member (boyfriends don't count).A very happy team shot, after the tournament ended and they won a bunch of their games.

Back at Waegook Cook's, celebrating.

And clearly the night progressed into a dance party. Solid weekend!


Waegook Cook said...

I love it except for the plates lol. It brought back so many good memories and we would love to have you back here very soon. We are having our season's opening party on Saturday, March 13, so why not pop in for a long overdue visit.

Great job with the blog.

Best wishes

Derrick and Sugi
(Waegook Cook)
011 546 3775

Janinel said...

Thanks so much Derrick and Sugi! We had such a blast that weekend! Pat and I have moved onto greener pastures (in between Canada and Ireland) but we hope you all have a great season and will definitely be there in spirit. Of course, Aidan will be there and he's a party in himself.

Take care and all the best for the upcoming season :) Oh... and sorry for the plate thing. It was mostly Aidan, really. Haha.