Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Screwed Over? Need Legal Help? Don't Worry, It Happens to the Best of Us

Sure, I probably have the most ideal working and living situation in Korea. I like my bosses, I love my kids, I like my neighbourhood, I live in a nice apartment- much bigger than the average English teacher's apartment and I make a good chunk of cash every month, thanks to resigning with my school and getting a raise. I've made a great bunch of close friends and I have a pretty cool boyfriend and although I have been upset with Korea at times, it never lasts very long and I'm still having a good time after a year and two months in the country.

Yes, my situation is great, and yours probably will be too. This just isn't to say that everyone is going to have a magical time in Korea. Bosses will fire you a month before your contract ends, your school might close down (as is what happened to Patrick) and your boss will continue to owe you thousands of dollars after 8 months, you might end up being unlawfully evicted from your apartment, or maybe someone around your neighbourhood has been making unwanted sexual advances toward you. Who knows. Korea is totally safe but there is an exception to every rule.

Sufficiently freaked out? Good! Now here's the better part- there are people in Korea to help you bust the bad guys (or gals) who might make your experience less-than-ideal. It's called the "Suwon Migrant Community Service" and they offer everything from Korean lessons to free legal advice to medical check ups. Got in a barfight with a Korean? In jail? Call these guys and maybe they'll be your only hope (just kidding... or am I? Lesson: don't get into barfights with Koreans... not that I know this from personal experience or anything...). Getting harassed by your employer? Is your employer not holding up their end of the deal? These guys will help you get what your contract says you signed on to get.

Here's Their Website: http://www.suwonmcs.com/

Here's Their Phone Number: 031-223-0075

You are not alone in the world. That is all.

* Please note: if you are being a douche and just hate your life in Korea and hate your boss for making you get off your lazy ass and actually work for once, do not call these guys. Get a life.

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Adeel said...

People making sexual advances to you can be 1) unwanted and 2) grounds for legal action? I did not know that.