Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home, Sweet Home.

So I was on vacation for about three weeks in between finishing my first contract with Maple Bear and starting my second, and of course I went home to see my family and friends that I had been missing all year. It was absolutely wonderful to be back in my own country, although I found myself missing Korea and wishing I was partaking in the activities of my friends here. So what did I do while I was home? WELL... not much, actually. It rained for pretty much the entire three weeks, it was unseasonably cold and I spent most of my time catchig up on the Food Network (hands down the number one thing I miss while I'm in Korea).

I did; however, make it out on occasion and also managed to take some pictures so I can share a bit of my homeland with all of you:

My Mother and I on Kelly's Mountain, Cape Breton Island. Going to visit my Aunt and Grandparents... oh, and going to do some major second hand shopping at Valu Village. I'm a thrift shop addict, and there are certainly no thrift shops in Korea, so I had to get a year's worth of shopping finished in one afternoon. I did pretty good.

My crotchety old Grandfather. He's a character! To my left is my Step-Grandmother, Ann. Together they make quite an odd couple and often my Grandfather will come roaring down the road to my house, screaming "I hate that woman", "Put me in a home", and so on. I love them dearly.

I spent a lot of my time stuffing my face with food. Fish n' chips from home just can't be beat, I'm afraid.

This is at the beginning of the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, near the little Acadian village of Cheticamp. Home to said fish n' chips and one of my favourite spots on the island.

Me and my Daddy-o. We had a lot of nice bonding (beer drinking and fishing) time while I was home.

My island is full of little fishing harbours. They're quaint.

Dad and I caught 14 lovely trout in about 2 hours. It was a good day in the brook. Freezing, but good!

My mom and I made it down the province to the Annapolis Valley where I went to university, and on the way down we had the first (and only) completely sunny day during my vacation. I like driving through farming country.

So beautiful and green...

We made it back to my university town where I was able to reconnect with some old friends. Like the tiger stripe dog that I used to see walk down the street every day when I was working at the cafe.

The lovely, historic town of Wolfville. Home to Acadia University and home to me for four great years.

I was able to visit lots of old friends, coworkers, professors- it was pretty great.

You may remember my friend Jesse from my "Remembering St. Patrick's Day" post. Well, he is still in Wolfville and hopefully graduated by now. I think I've convinced him to move to Korea.

My favourite thing about my trip to Wolfville was that I was able to partake in my favourite activities: people watching, coffee drinking, socializing and doing crosswords.

It was very hard to say goodbye to Chelsea. As well as the rest of my family... but next I was off to see my brother in Toronto! I'll save that for the next post.


Chi-Hé said...

Wow what a different life to that in Korea!

Simon said...

If you've got Hana TV, you can get Hell's Kitchen. Not really Food Network's best, but it can give you your fix!