Wednesday, October 22, 2008

International Canadian Thanksgiving

It was my friend Ciara's last weekend and it also just happened to be Canadian Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. We would have celebrated Thanksgiving anyway, and it was an entire weekend devoted to goodbye parties for Ciara, so we combined the two and had a Thanksleaving party. It was pretty awesome.

No turkey, but I managed to roast two chickens, bake some biscuits and make some gravy. Molly made mashed potatoes, Ciara made tuna pasta salad, Rachael made vegetarian shepard's pie. There was wine, fruit, bread and cheese, and to top it all off Grace managed two pumpkin pies for dessert- don't ask me how! Meanwhile, the guys tossed the rugby ball around. Typical Thanksleaving behaviour.

The food was delicious and the company was, as usual, great. We're a solid group of friends when it comes down to it and we managed to capture the true Thanksgiving spirit, even though 70% of our friends are from Ireland, South Africa and the UK and have never experienced the holiday.

The Thanksleaving spread.

Our crowd... with a few faces missing (those who have gone home already).

It didn't take much encouraging to dig right in.

Grace's amazing pies. She couldn't find pumpkin so she used squash. They tasted exactly the same!

A beautiful day, a great dinner... but holy frig, Korea is cold these nights. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! We miss you, Ciara.

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