Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maple Bear Sports Day

A few Fridays ago Maple Bear put on a "sports day" for the kids instead of taking them on our monthly field trip. It was fun. We started off with some yoga stretches, lead by yours truly of course, did some dances (the favourite being the "Kung Fu Panda" dance lead by Miss Charlene), taught the kids about being good sports and not crying if they lose, and then jumped into the fun and games!

The entire afternoon kindergarten... can you see me?!

This was our "pinata"... yeah... not really a pinata, more like two plastic bowls taped together. The kids threw bean bags at it. It didn't break. Kerri and I cut the tape holding it together. It came apart, and instead of candy coloured pieces of paper came out. Delicious!

This was a fun game. The kids had to bite the "cookie" (the Korean staff called it a cookie although they were really onion ring chips) without using their hands. They were really good at it!

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