Friday, June 19, 2009

Back! And Bored.

Hey all. How's things. And stuff.

Yes, yes. I'm back in Suwon after three blissful months of travelling through the tropics. I've been back for three weeks and already it feels like the distant past when I remember being in Cambodia... which was only three weeks ago... and it feels like years when I remember Indonesia, where we began our trip three months ago. Let's just say it was amazing and leave it at that. If you live in Korea and are planning a similar trip, for future reference you can read my Southeast Asia blog (not completely finished yet) at . Excellent times, and I urge all of your to take the plunge and go backpacking. It's the best. We've been back for three weeks and we're already planning our next trip through Mongolia and Siberia.

Anyways! No more Maple Bear! I really miss my kids and, truth be told, I miss my hectic lifestyle at the moment. I haven't started my new job yet, which is going to be at an all girls high school nearby Hwaseong Fortress- the main Suwon attraction, if you will. I personally love this area of Suwon, and am happy to be working in the vicinity. So close to the market. Shoes. Handbags. Drool. I start on Wednesday. Really looking forward to it.

The last three weeks have mostly been boring. Those who have lived in Korea for a few years will understand the dillema of leaving for a few months, coming back, and having no more friends all of a sudden. Oh, we still have plenty of friends here, that's true. I guess I mean I have no more girlfriends. I miss my girls. What can I say?

I have since met some amazing new ladies in Yeongtong and am very happy to not be stuck with the boys all the time! Sorry guys... you're great, but I can only discuss so much rugby. I'm so glad I have people to go shopping with and have an alternative to "Guys Rugby Night", which I'm sure I'm not completely welcome at anyway.

So yeah! The last few weeks have been spent at the park with my cats. Yes, I take my cats to the park. So what?

When it's not sunny I sit at the computer while Pat goes to work and hate my life. I can't wait to start working, in short.

So! Public school vs Private Hagwon in Korea: which do you think is better? I'm not entirely sure yet; all I know is that it will hopefully be a little less work. Don't get me wrong, I would work at Maple Bear again in a heartbeat, but after two years of teaching kindergarten (when you never wanted to really teach in the first place, however much you enjoy it) you get really, really exhausted. A year of kinder is fine. Two is pushing it. Three is just plain crazy. You must move up the ladder eventually, so I'm looking forward to having different classes and teaching high school students.

In the meantime, there are pics from my last few days at Maple Bear that I wanted to share with you. One of the first things I did when I got back to Suwon was go visit my old students, and they're all doing amazingly well! I was so happy to see them. These pics are from the graduation ceremony, at which I was the MC, and I watched the kids I had first started with when I arrived in July 2007 graduate from 7 Year Old Kindergarten. It was a proud moment! And of course my current kidlets sang a few songs. Enjoy!

All of my lovely six year olds! Getting ready to sing a farewell song.

Afterwards I was bombarded by mothers. As per usual. Flowers and pictures with the kids!

Kevin! What a great kid!

Su-chang- funny, mischevious, and hilariously clumsy. Love.

The only two girls when I first started in March- best buds, as well. Sonya and Sally.

I taught Calvin when he was six, and then I taught his brother, Robin. Love them both- but, as I've said before, these two are polar opposites!

I taught Alice Elementary Math, and I taught her younger sister, Christine, in morning kindergarten. Love them both.

There's Christine now! Doesn't she look like her sister?

Andy: our star performer. What a great student and WHAT AN ADORABLE KID. Look at his little hand on my shoulder! Gah! Great attitude, great sense of humour and liked by all.

Christine got in the wrong picture... haha. This is Clara with Jessica and I.

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