Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Bad Miss Kitteh.

Her mom looked after Somi and Ha Jin while Pat and I were travelling, and now we're returning the favour.

Miss Kitteh like tuna flavoured treats, hiding under the bed, and getting into fights with the other cats at approximately 5 AM, a mere hour before my normal wake up time. In her defense, the "other two" enjoy doing this just as much as she.

All in all, I like her. Once you have two cats a third just blends right into the woodwork. Plus, Miss Kitteh has a hilarious, high pitched meow.

I just realized that I've been posting a little too much about cats these days. This is the last one- promise.

Smoky Robinson bores Miss Kitteh to tears. The only time she perked up during the entire memorial (you know who's I'm talking about) was when Usher sang to the coffin.

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