Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet Crumbly Biscuits!

You might think I'm pretty much a cat person, but this is simply not true.

I love dogs. Big, cuddly, playful dogs. I don't really like small dogs. I like cats, which are small animals. Why would I need a small dog when I can have a cat that's a lot more quiet, clean and soft?

Crumbles has changed my life a little. He's a poodle, but he's not just any poodle. He belongs to my friends Elaine and Patrick. He has been with them since he was a puppy, and you can tell he's been raised by Westerners!

Almost every Korean dog lover will tell you that Maltese or Poodles are the best breeds for a pet. If you live in an apartment, as most Koreans do, you simply don't have room for a big Golden Retriever (although I've met one in Yeongtong- his owners must have a very big place). And Koreans generally hate cats- they are considered evil theives in Korean culture and folklore, so it's uncommon to find a cat in a Korean home.

When you go to the puppy shop (or the Animal Shelter in Cheonan- where everyone should go!) you don't see too many big dogs, either. It's just a Korean thing. So of course. when they went dog shopping, Crumbles was the obvious choice. I had to admit, the first time I saw him, he is very cute... much cuter than other poodles, which chocolate brown fur and a devil-may-care attitude.

Over the past few months, Crumbles has proven himself as an excellent dog. An awesome dog. Ok, I friggin love Crumbles. Everyone loves Crumbles. When we go to the park, he terroroizes the other dogs (generally forced into submission by their owners and therefore timid) and runs around in what his parents call his "happy circles". He's pretty great, and I thought I'd share him with the world. Go Crumbles!

My friend Sophie loves him too. We like to steal him from his parents every now and then.

Here he is with Elaine (mom) and Patrick (dad) on Canada Day.

Cute, cuddly and playful- what more can a dog lover want?

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