Thursday, September 27, 2007

Afternoon in Insadong

Dukgalbi: Chicken, Cabbage, Green Onion, Rice Cake (it's called dokbokkie), and some unidentifyable leaf mixed with a spicy sauce that almost tasted curry-esque. Yum.

Before I went on my Baengnyeong Do adventure I thought I'd meet Clint in Insadong for some lunch and some possible shopping. When I got there his phone had been malfunctioning so he didn't even know where we were supposed to meet. I waited for him in a cafe and studied my Korean book (my Hangeuil is slowly coming along) and eventually, Clint arrived with his pal Joe and we went for Dokgalbi and delicious ice cream, and then people watched on the street and window shopped for awhile until I had to go to Incheon to meet up with Scott. Everything being on the same subway line is so convenient!

This was a first: I was the only person in my subway compartment. Why? Because it was Chuseok, and every single Korean was on their way to see their family in some distant region of the country, leaving Seoul virtually empty- except for the ex-pats, of course. One of my ESL students asked me, "Miss Janine, you go to Canada Chuseok?", to which I sadly replied no, we don't celebrate Chuseok in Canada.

I've got a tip for YOU, restaurant. Learn some French and THEN make the sign.

A bar combining two of my most favourite things: sexy AND whiskey. Finally, someone has been able to isolate sexy, bottle it, and sell it at a seedy bar.

Old man sweeping the street.

Clint was the coke pourer, and Joe was the Dukgalbi stirrer.


Amanda said...

They give you bibs? So thoughtful!

Janinel said...

Indeed. So thoughtful AND stylish.