Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Chuseok!

Starting last Friday was the Korean holiday known as Chuseok. The Chuseok vacation, which is the 2nd most important in Korean culture next to Lunar New Years in February, lasts about 5 days with the main day being on the 25th. Or, at least, this year it was on the 25th. The holiday itself varies from year to year, just like Easter in Canada. Anyway, on Chuseok Koreans everywhere gather with their families in their hometowns and they eat lots of food, get lots of gifts (teachers also get lots of gifts from their employers and their students- score.), and I believe, worship their anscestors. Sometimes they wear their traditional Hanboks, which are beautiful to say the least. On the last Friday of school before Chuseok, our kids showed up wearing their hanboks and we talked about Chuseok and made traditional "songpyeong", which are Korean sweet dumplings made from steamed rice dough and fillings- in our case, raisins and chocolate covered sunflower seeds (which are so, so good by the way). Usually the filling involves some kind of honey and sesame seeds, I think. Seriously though, my kids were soo cute in their hanboks. Check out the pictures!

My Afternoon Kindergarten:

Posing with Miss Amy

Posing with Miss Janine

Eddie, aka Devil Child. He is a trial.

Dylan: funny but rambunctious

Somi: Sweet but difficult. She doesn't want to speak English. She is such a princess though!

Miss Janine's airways are being cut off by her little hellraiser.

Fiona and Somi, being traditionally cute.

Somi, showing how to properly bow to one's anscestors.

Adorable Michelle with Miss Amy

Shy, quiet Lucy in the back, crazy Princess Fiona in front.

Morning Kindergarten:

My two little angels: Ha Jin (left) and Lily, in her pure silk, hand woven hanbok. It was breathtaking.

Can you tell why I prefer my morning kidlets? They are so cuddly! Left to right: Tiger, Eric, Ha Jin, Joshua, Daniel, and Lily.

Songpyeong preparations! They're getting ansty in anticipation of chocolate.

Ha Jin is a skilled songpyeong maker- she makes it with her mom every Chuseok!

Daniel is a skilled songpyeong eater.

Eric is just adorable.

Joshua, indulging in the songpyeong goodness.

Tiger, wanting more (he loves to eat).

All of our beautiful, handmade songpyeong! Miss Faye told me I was a natural. I told Miss Faye I was going to start celebrating Chuseok every year if it meant making songpyeong. So much fun.

Lily liked eating the pink ones.

Miss Faye discussing the art and philsospical relevance of songpyeong in modern society with Eric. My kids have mad skills.

Daniel calls for more grape juice. I say, "Don't you think you've had enough?" He replies, "I'll TELL you when I've had enough, Miss Janine Teacher". Or something like that.

Miss Faye and Joshua. Full and content.

And then it's lunch time! No more songpyeong, instead we have Korean pancake and kimchi and rice and soup! At least they eat healthy.

The End.

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