Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Dog Formerly Known as Milhouse

So, it's been awhile since I mentioned the stray dog that we teachers took in and I thought I'd give an update. His name is now officially Fozzy; his official parents are now Kim Kulicki and her fiance Drew and they love him and spoil him to death (he's much better off with them than he would have been with me!). He is a lot cleaner and I don't mind cuddling him anymore because I know he won't be peeing on my floor- it makes me love him a lot more! I'm not a small-dog person, but Fozzie has a very likeable character; I mean, he's so chill alllll the time (especially now that Kim and Drew got him neutered). We found him malnourished, dirty, furry, and unloved and just look at him now! He is such a happy little dude.

Fozzy when he was Milhouse- I took the picture the day he followed Anna and Andy to my apartment, and he was sooooo dirty I couldn't wait to get him shampooed.

Fozzy now. They shaved him, and it's hilarious how different he looks! His skin is so soft and foldy you just want to pet him all day long. Sigh.

Like I said, Kim and Drew spoil him. He loves his little dental bones. Oh, I forgot to mention the amount of money that has been spent on this dog in the form of vet and grooming bills. The vet took us for quite a ride, saying he had ear infections, anemia, liver/kidney problems, bad teeth, the works. Turns out he didn't really need any medication (except maybe for his teeth and ears). He was just malnourished, duh. Once he was being fed regularly he became loads healthier. I won't say how much money me and Kim and Drew paid the vet for possibly useless ailments, it just makes me upset.

Fozzie and one of his rescuers, Andy. He loves chillin' on the roof!

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