Saturday, September 8, 2007

MMmmmmmm September

Well, the rain has finally stopped, and the colder weather we've been having for the last week or so seems to be over. Instead of the scathing heat and humidity I suffered through in August, the weather in Korea is warm, sunny, and perfect beach weather- if only there was a beach to be found in Suwon City! I'll have to settle for the beach in Pusan, which is where I hope to go during my Chusaek vacation (Chusaek is kind of like the Korean version of Thanksgiving, and we get almost a full week off!). I'm excited to finally be able to dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean! There might be a few glitches in the plan- for instance, I didn't realize how quickly the trains to Pusan would fill up (Koreans plan for Chusaek wayyyyyy in advance)so I believe me and my fellow travellers will have to take the all-night bus instead. We're all good sports about it, and I for one am looking forward to getting out of Suwon for a few days.

In other news, it is Miss Kerri Teacher's birthday today! We will all be gathering at our favourite neighbourhood restaurant which is collectively known by all of the teachers here at Maple Bear as the "Fry Place". We call it this not because that's its actual name, but because a) we don't really know its real name (at least, I don't), and b) it serves the North American delicacy along with other random Korean and non-Korean foods- oh, and lots of beer and soju, too. Oh, and some of us think the waiter (otherwise known as the "Fry Guy") is cute (myself excluded, I think he's too skinny). What do YOU think?

Crazy Birthday Party review to follow!

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