Friday, September 14, 2007

Maple Bear does the Snoopy Exhibit

So the other day all of the morning kindergarten classes went on a field trip to Seoul's Art Museum so see the Snoopy Exhibit! They loved it; there were all kinds of cool Peanuts-related stuff for them to do, and they even got kimbap for lunch. What a treat- especially when my class got extra because Miss Janine wouldn't eat hers. If you don't know what Kimbap is, it's a sort of sushi-like Korean meal with sticky rice, cut up strips of omelette, ham, pickled radish, and other tantalizing ingredients all rolled up in some seaweed. If that isn't a proper meal, I don't know what is! It actually isn't that bad, there's just something in it that makes me a little ill. Maybe I'm allergic. Or maybe I'm making excuses for not being more culturally open. Either way, I don't eat the stuff.

Anyway, the kids were very good except for one little fistfight between Daniel and Joshua. Those boys! Gah. Please enjoy some highlights:

The sign should be in the plural. The doctors are in! My class of very serious psychologists.

Joshua is so funny and cute; it's impossible to stay mad at him, ever.

Daniel is adorable. He could be a child model, don't you think?

This was supposed to be just Lily, but Joshua ran into the picture right before I took it. The little rascal.

Tiger's mom asked me to name him after a famous golfer, and I only knew one... thankfully, he's ok with Tiger. Especially when we sing the song "Do the Tiger" and when I try to explain what it means to ROAR. He's also one of the kindest kids ever and all the children call him "Big Brother". He's kind of like my brother Rory as a kid! The gentle giant.

Ha Jin and her boyfriend. Just kidding, she really likes Tiger (I think).


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