Friday, September 21, 2007

Night/Day Out in Suwon

My life is so busy here I don't even have time to be homesick. There, I said it! This past week I went to Woncheon Amusement Park with Alan, Kim and Drew (and Fozzie). I hadn't heard great things about it- I heard it was dilapidated, run down, and uber spooky- but Kim actually thought it was supposed to be a good place to go so I kept my mouth shut. When we arrived, the things I had heard turned out to be absolutely correct- what a craphole that place is! But still, we made the most of it, and even in the rain we went out on the gross resevoir in one of the paddleboats. And we saw a crane! Then we left (as quickly as possible).

On Wednesday night, Kerri, Kim and I went out for Chinese food with two of our teaching partners- Amy and Rachel. We had a really good time and the food was sooooo delicious. Please, accept my invitation to live vicariously through me by enjoying these photos of my journeys (and meals).

Kerri got some fried pork dumplings- amazing, as all fried things tend to be.

Amy (left) and Rachel (right) with their massive, six dollar bowls of noodles. Amy's was spicy and full of baby octopus, while Rachel enjoyed the dish that people in Korea eat for "Black Day" in April- apprently, it's what single people eat when they haven't recieved any Valentine's from a significant other. The noodles are really good!

Kim was so mad that I made her get her picture taken!

Kerri looks a little tired! But still very cute.

I thought Amy's shirt said "Happy HIV". But really, it says "Happy, Hi (with a heart)". She probably won't ever wear this shirt again because I mentioned it.

The Woncheon Amusement Park: scenery from the water. What even happened to this place?

Beautiful crane in dirty water. I doubt fish can live in this water.

For a deserted amusement park they sure have a lot of paddleboats. Expecting swarms much?

As we ventured out in the rain... Kim said it might have been better if it had been sunny; I maintain that the rain at least gave it an air of spookiness. The sunshine would just make the ugliness stand out.

We took Fozzie on the paddleboat with us... we have since made the decision that he is not a swimmer. But in that water, I wouldn't really blame him.

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