Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Meeee

Pictures from my 23rd birthday celebrations (24 in Korean age...):

Rachel thinks something is very funny! Oh, this is at Now Bar. Where else would I choose to have my birthday party?

Miss Janine and Miss Faye, finally surrounded by people who are not 5 years old!

Kerri and Kim

First shot of Soju! Nice eyes Amy!

My first of three birthday cakes (I would get one from each of my kindergarten classes on Monday- very cute!)

The cake was so pretty! And it tasted like yoghurt- so healthy, no?

It was this guy's birthday too! I can't remember his name... he knew my friend Latif.

I decided my birthday was an occasion for 7000 won Hoegaartens (my favouite beer)

Latif couldn't stay very long, he had exams this week- I'm so glad I'm finally exempt from that scenario.

We moved the party to the Norabang place upstairs. Of course. What else do you do on a typical or even a special night out in Korea?

Deryck reminds me of Sean Ryan with the funny faces. I miss that fella, what a boss!

Kim, showing off her mad Norabang skills

Amy and Rachel

At this point we went to the Noise Basement- only the coolest dance club in Suwon! Everyone else was tired and went home after awhile, but Kerri and I danced til 4 Am!

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Helena said...

Did you know that in Korea people don't get older on their birthdays?

Happy Birthday! Looks like a fun party!