Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Can I start this post by saying that I know I probably shouldn't have gotten these sweet little kittehs (in a practical sense)?

But if my parents have taught me anything, they have taught me to help those who need it, even if the ones who need help are little animals. Right, Chelsea?

Soooo I thought a lot about it and I adopted these loving little ladies. And all you other expats should adopt too, if you're animal lovers. There are so many cats and dogs out there who need your lovin'. Speaking of which, there are dozens of dogs right now in terrible danger of euthanization because their shelter in Daejon is being shut down. If you're interesting in helping, please check out lonelylifetime.com and see what you can do. Sorry to be preachy! I know it'll be a hassle for me when I want to go back to Canada with these kitties and I'll have to put them up somewhere if I want to travel around, but I've only had them for two days and already I'm absolutely in love... and my apartment is no longer empty!

This is Somi, my sweet little Japanese Bobtail- seriously, the tail is hilar.

And this is Ha Jin! She is so curious and loves to play with her toys...

I think the best thing about them is that they like to cuddle.

And don't worry Belle, you're still my number one kitteh, I just missed you too much so I had to get TWO cats to try and make up for not having you around (that, and these two can't be separated- they aren't sisters, but they've been together since they were kittens).

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