Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Korean Thanksgiving

To be honest... I kind of forgot about Thanksgiving. I mean, it isn't a holiday here. We just celebrated both Chuseok and Foundation Day (although I'm still not sure what that one was about...) and so I felt that there had been sufficient holiday time for me over the past few weeks.

Yesterday, in the middle of my afternoon Kindergarten class, Amy (my afternoon teaching partner) told me that people were going out for dinner to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving and invited me along. Of course, I wasn't going to pass up an outing with my co-workers. They're a lot of fun.

It turns out that one of our Korean teaching partners thought the whole thing up so that the Canadian teachers wouldn't miss out on a Thanksgiving dinner! I can't really describe how awesome it is to always have people thinking of you like that; I mean, our Korean friends here make it so easy for us to love this place simply because they treat us like family. Anyways, even though it wasn't a traditional Thanksgiving turkey, it was delicious and the time was spent with wonderful people, so who could complain about being homesick? Canada who...?

At this end of the table (left to right): Helen, Lisa, Rachel, Amy (in the pink shirt attempting a peace sign), Kerri, and Kim (slightly hidden).

Me and Amy! We're going snowboarding over Christmas break- can't wait!

Across from me: Michelle (who had the great idea to go out for Thanksgiving) and Enda.

And this was my delicious Thanksgiving meal: spicy soup (complete with chewy squid and octopus... which I'm starting to actually like...), rice topped with mushrooms and spicy sauce, spicy noodles with seafood, black noodles (which are delicious. But not spicy.), and sweet and sour pork. I was as full as I've ever been at Thanksgiving. The end!

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