Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where everybody knows your naaaame... (Now Bar)

What I like most about Now Bar in Yeongtong:

It's the local foreigner's hotspot! Where else can a Canadian, and Englishman, and a Mongolian gather together for a slightly drunken picture including a sexy kittie pose? I'll tell you where: nowhere. Except Now Bar.

Where else do you get table service by the adorable bar-owner for a simple shot of tequila?

And where else can two people from completely different parts of the world bond over the universal tequila shot (complete with salt and lemon, of course)?

Now Bar is where friends (because if you speak english in Korea you are automatically a friend) gather for a friendly game of darts.

And where Dean celebrates his dart victories

And most of all, it's a place I come to talk for hours... and hours... and hours... mostly about politics.

Another nice thing about Now Bar: when you accidentally spill your entire shot of tequila on your jeans, the owner immediately pours you another one- no questions asked. So sweet.

This guy is from Slovenia. We talked about the Yugoslavian War for about two hours. Everyone around us was yawning, but I didn't seem to notice... hence, the only bad thing about Now Bar is that you lose track to time too easily. The end.

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Evelyn said...

we are students at kyung hee.and its def the place to be on wednesdays and fridays..and its very easy to lose track of time