Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alice's Village (sucks)

Maybe that's mean, but I didn't really enjoy the field trip we took our morning kindergarten's on. Alice's Village is a (supposed) place where kids can come and learn about different cultures in English, all under the guise of being a fun, wonderland-esque theme park. It really didn't have anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, except for the buildings and the general "ambience". For lack of a better word. So yeah, the children were supposed to learn about different cultures from around the world. A great concept, I think. Just one thing, Alice's Village: Europe, Africa, North and South America are not countries- they're actuallly called continents. And no, there is no language known as "African" as we later had to explain to some kids after they were misinformed by their guide. I guess the important thing is that the kids had fun, though, and I should stop ranting and show you some pictures!

All lined up and ready to go!

Entering the village through the mouth of the monster! I thought it was supposed to be a rabbit hole/key hole? Oh well.

The Cheshire Cat! Smiling, as always. If only I could say the same for our tour guide!

The treatsure chest. Possibly containing mind (and height) altering mushrooms.

Our tour guide wasn't doing such a great job, so Daniel took over. "And over here you will see the table where Alice had tea with the mad hatter..."

Tiger and Ha Jin, the happy couple. Yes, I named my cat after Ha Jin. Yes, she is my favourite student. Yes, I know I shouldn't have a favourite.

The white rabbit's house.

The Queen's army!

The Mad Hatter's hat/building.

Tiger had to take an important call. It just couldn't wait.

Lily and Ha Jin, learning about the Amazon rainforest. Although I doubt, as our tour guide told us, that the tribes living within the jungle are the Incas. Didn't they live in the Andes?

Tiger and Daniel, checking out the rainforest animals! Cuties.

Another cutie. Amy wants to show off her new hat! Rory, I'm getting you one of these for Christmas.


Helena said...

This is in Suwon? Creepy.

Janinel said...

It's actually in Seoul! Haha, I don't want to know how much we paid to go on this trip.