Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Shopping in Sub Zero Temperatures. Excellent!

View of the Han while crossing on the subway. It was such a clear day; hardly any smog!

There was a bit of smog on this side. I wish I lived in one of those apartments on the hillside.

One of the winding alleyways in Insadong

The shops put a lot of their merchandise out in the street to attract people... but really, every store sells the same thing!

Janine and Amy

Kerri, Janine, and Robot/Heater Salesman

Liz attempted to pound rice into dough, but the pounder mallet was too heavy for her to lift. Eventually she lifted it, and everyone watching burst out cheering.

This guy was doing a really cool fan dance. I took this from a shopping terrace. There's always something happening in Insadong.

Pottery for sale!

I found this really cool left wing shop... after I took the picture I found the "No Pictures" sign. Oops.

It was a good day for interesting coffee mugs. I should have just bought one!

Rory and Matt's Christmas presents! Just kidding Margret and Sar. Their gifts are slightly less exciting (but only slightly).

There was a greenhouse lane on the shopping terrace... it was very pretty.

I look like a fool

But Kerri looks excellent! I'm jealous.

Like I said, a GREAT day for coffee mugs

These university peeps were demonstrating in the street. Kerri and I became the white poster girls for encouraging Korean youth to vote in the upcoming election (they're dressed like a bride and groom because they were saying that election day should be as important as your wedding day).

The chopstick stand. This poor woman was freezing.

Traditional Korean Greeting Card?

Where's Waldo Moment: can YOU see the Christmas decorations?

We ended the day at a traditional Korean teahouse. This was my lovely, hot cup of rosebud tea. It tots warmed me up.


Amanda said...

hah, I love it. I want to do my Christmas shopping there. You free on the weekend? I'm coming up.

Janinel said...

For you Mandy?! I'm free any day of the week. We tots need to catch up on our shopping.

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