Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bored Children on the Bus try their Hand at Photography:

Kiss kiss!

The bad kids always sit in the back... but why are they all from my class?

Peek a boo.

Action shot of Miss Rachel

I look that bad every morning.

Dear Hercules: I wish you were my little brother. I would buy you costco ice cream every day and talk to you about important things, like how many fruit roll ups are in the fruit roll up box.

For those who don't know, Hercules is Jay's youngest son. He comes on our trips to Costco and the lady teachers spoil him with hot dogs and ice cream.

This little girl goes by the name of "Euro". I really like it. She's cute, too.

The photographer herself. She's very good at the self portraits.

Euro, holding back the giggles.

Miss Kim... well, part of Miss Kim. Good job, Sarah. :)

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Helena said...

Those are just too cute.

What is it with these hagwons taking kids on field trips? We only ever went sledding. Once.