Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Miss Kim!

Last week was Kim's 25th birthday and we celebrated by going to dinner at TGI Friday's in Ingyedong. I want to say we had a great time, and we did, but the service at that restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. At least Rachel made a sweet cake and we got free food (because we complained about the service about a gazillion different times). I hate complaining at restaurants, but I think this might be the one time it was justified! We still managed to celebrate Kim's big day with vigour and enthusiasm, I think. Silly me, one mojito later and I'm a birthday party MACHINE!

The whole crew: Amy and Drew are giving peace signs; I am giving Kerri bunny ears.

Janine, Kerri, and Amy

Drew, look at the camera!

Rachel and Kim

Best thing about TGI's that night? They're musical ability. I really wanted to join this band; it was the cheesiest happy birthday (in Korean) ever! The tambourine guy was my favourite. He tried to give me a party hat, but Kerri stole it. Then he tried to make her take it off and give it to me, but she wasn't paying attention. Oh well, there goes the man of my dreams...

The cake Rachel made for Kim! Actually, I think she made several cakes... whatever, it was delicious.

And finally, what do the students think about Miss Kim? Why don't you find out from a primary source:

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