Thursday, December 20, 2007

And the winner is...

Lee Myung Bak! Called it.

Now, I should tell all of you that although I did not necessarily want this Conversative to win the presidency, he DID come up with a sizable majority of the votes at around 48%! This is impressive, and it is also the largest majority won in the 20 year democratic history of Korea, so maybe I shouldn't gripe too much. Also, since the campaigns of all of the candidates were based more around bashing their opponents than promoting a platform (sound familiar CANADA?), he hasn't lied a lot so not much will be expected from him, aside of course to continue to be "at war" with North Korea.

Oh, and I saw him the day before the election! Kerri and I went to Paldalmun Market after school, which is a neat market near Hwaseong Fortress, and we went to see what the commotion was about up the street. There were all these storm troopers (?) holding hands and forming a barricade in the street, and in the middle of the street there were a lot of handsome men in business suits, and THEN a campaign bus bearing our new president came slowly down the road. Of course, being white, Ker and I stuck out like sore thumbs and he gave us a big smile and wave, being the savvy politician he is (also the fact that I was standing on something and waving crazily and smiling like an idiot might have made him notice us... it went to my head, just like the time I asked Paul Martin to hug me).

Well Korea, there ya go. Don't come crying to me when corruption occurs... and it will, mark my words!

PS: I'm sorry and I'm really going to work on being less of a cynic.

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