Friday, December 21, 2007

My Sweet New Song

As I previously posted, I recently found a guitar outside to be picked up by the garbage collectors. Koreans will throw out anything. Of course I took it home with me, cleaned it, and am now in the midst of trying to pry the bridge clips out so I can put new strings on it. Anyways, I don't quite have it up and running yet. I DO; however, have a song all ready for when I have it strung (stringed?). This is how it goes so far (think of the tune "These are a few of my Favourite Things" from The Sound of Music- and NO making fun of my bad Korean spelling!):

Ou hwey ja, Cha hey ja, chikchin-yo and yogi-yo
Are words that I say to tell cab drivers where to go
Maekju is beer and water is mul
These are the words that I know in Hangul...

Chingu is friend and kimchi is... kimchi
The taste is quite strong and it might make you flinch-ey
Soju is soju and honey is ggul,
These are the words that I know in Hangul!

That's all I have so far. Feel free to add a verse of your own!!

In other news, my camera has been... stolen. That is the real reason for the infrequent posts and lack of recent pictures. I was just ashamed of the fact that I let my precious camera slip between my fingers like that. Also, it's a little embarassing because whoever the theif is, he or she is now in possession of pictures and videos of me and my drunk friends acting like idiots. Oh well. When I get paid next month that will be my first purchase. For now I'm going to steal photos from my friends. It's very frustrating because the theives, I am sure, are not Korean but are fellow foreigners and I've had the most trouble with foriengers, not Koreans. It just plain sucks.

But I shouldn't be sad, it's my last day of school before Christmas vacation! I got little gifts for my kids and we're playing games all day, and then I get ten days of absolute and undisturbed freedom! Nice.

Until next time.


21 said...

i think water is 'mul' and honey is 'ggul' or 'kkul' in korean.

Janinel said...

Ahhh thank you! That's what happens when I learn my Korean from five year olds.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting song you have there.

That sucks about your camera, especially if a fellow foreigner stole it.

Enjoy your Christmas break, our hagwon owner decided to take our Christmas break away, because he didn't want to miss a chance to enroll new students at that time. So we get Christmas day off only, lucky us right?

Helena said...

I like your song. Ha! We had one to "waltzing Matilda." Something like "and he sang as he drank his soju in the noraebang..." (We don't drink, but it fit the song well. Heh.)

Helena said...

(This just occurred to me) Did you know hangul is just the writing? The language is hanguk-o or hanguk-mal. But I like your rhyme. It made me smile.

Janinel said...

Oh noooo that makes my whole song meaningless. I always thought it was the speaking as well because when cab drivers ask you if you speak Korean they'll say "Hangul ma?" or something to that effect. Oh well!

Helena said...

That would be hanguk-mal. The second k is kind of hard to hear.