Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rando Dinner in Gangnam

So a little while back some friends and I were cold, tired and slightly hungover from clubbing in Itaewon the night before. Plus my feet hurt. Seoul, despite it's hip appearance, is not the best city to walk around all day in heels. I couldn't even bear the thought of the hour-and-a-half long subway ride back to Suwon at 7 PM and I was sure I wouldn't be able to convince my friends to take the direct bus (which only costs about $1.20 Canadian) from Gangnam to Suwon, simply because I can never convince Kerri and Kim whenever we're in Seoul. They actually like the subway for some reason. Anyway, I was wrong and Lisa, Bernard and Samuel were more than willing to take the bus home. And my feet rejoiced.

Gangnam is a pretty hip neighbourhood in Seoul. You'll find lots of neat stores and lots of expensive clubs to go to. Unlike Itaewon, where you see more foreigners than Koreans, Gangnam (aside from Hongdae) is the main area young Koreans like to frequent on the weekends. Or so I've been told.

When we got to Gangnam we thought it would be easy to find a place for a quick dinner before hopping on the bus, but it actually proved exceedingly difficult. Who knew that every restaurant would be packed? Finally we came across this place (pictured bove).

The name said something about pepper steak. That's all I can remember. However, the food was quite different from what I've been eating so far. In true Korean style, it was a cook-it-yourself meal. You could choose the meat, the rice, and the style and they brought it to you on a sizzling plate not unlike a serving of bulgogi. The plate was hot enough to cook the meat, rice, vegetables, and sauce together. And it was pretty damn delicious. Maybe not in my top 10 for Korean food, but definitely in my top 20, just ahead of acorn gelatin and octopus soup.

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