Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Tribute to (one of) my Favourite Gay Cowboys

Dear Heath: So far I have heard: you committed suicide in Mary Kate Olsen's apartment, you had pneumonia and they reacted badly to sleeping pills, you overdosed accidentally, you had perscription and non-prescription sleeping pills in your system and they reacted badly, you overdosed on purpose, your father is a mining engineer, your father is a racecar driver, plus countless other stories that I am not quite sure about.

One thing is for certain: I was totally digging your tired, strung out look that you had going on recently. Indeed, I feel kinda guilty about digging it because it foreshadowed your imminent death and I thought it was an "on purpose" kind of tired. Maybe that's why I'm dedicating an entire post to you on a strictly-South Korea-related blog. Either way, you were one of the hottest and most talented Australian men ever to make it to the big screen. I liked the way you tried to keep it real, and I know that, somewhere, off in the distance, you'll keep it real for the rest of eternity. The teeney bopper inside me screams "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, HEATH", but the cooler, more subdued me says "you will be greatly missed in Hollywood... probably... well, at least until the next person dies."


William said...


My name is William Choi and I am thinking of coming back to Suwon to teach English. I taught at YES Youngdo from Aug 2006 to Aug 2007 also in Suwon. I was wondering what the work conditions are like at Maple Bear.

Zaaack said...

He killed himself in Mary Kate's apt?? I thought it was just a regular, run-of-the-mill overdose things!
Poor guy! I'm excited for Batman to come out, and see him as the Joker.
I ALSO feel bad for Michelle Williams! Gawd love her..

Janinel said...

It was just rando, BUT i heard the mary kate rumour before anything else. from amanda smallwood, no less.