Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bungee Jumping and Slush Skating

This past Sunday I met up with my friend Tristan from university who just moved into Seoul (I'm very lucky, lots of Acadia people have moved to Korea in the last year) and it was so good to see him! We went to Bundang, which is a few cities over from Suwon (if you're in Seoul it's on the yellow subway line). Why did we go there? You might not think there's much to do in Bundang, since it's not really in Seoul, BUT there is a park where one can bungee jump and there is also a sweet little skating rink near one of the subway stations (the name of said station has momentarily escaped me).

To be honest, it wasn't the skating or bungee jumping that really made me enjoy myself. I mean, I didn't partake in the bungee jumping (I'm not crazy...) and the skating rink was pretty badly maintained. Maybe, coming from the land of well kept skating rinks, I am spoiled. All I know is, although it was enjoyable to be on the ice once again, I probably won't go skating in Korea anymore. Kids are falling down everywhere, it's extremely crowded, and everywhere you go there are guys blowing whistles at you. Totally sucks the fun out of skating! Plus they never swept the ice so there was slush forming everywhere from the ice being scraped by so many skates. but I still had fun!

Bundang is so, so nice- way nicer than Suwon! By nice, of course I mean less rundown, more modern, and you can tell a lot of very rich people live there. The mall attached to the subway station had so many designer stores that I have never seen before and I could never have a hope to ever step foot in (I am just too shabby for Chanel). All I could do was window shop with a longing look on my face while my friends pushed their way through the crowds.

After ice skating, we tried to find a place for Galbi, but in the end we had to settle for dakgalbi (chicken galbi; delicious) and samgyupsal (pieces of pork that look like really thick slabs of bacon). I wasn't complaining, even when the waitress put an entire squid on the grill beside our samgyupsal. Yum, yum, yum!

Lisa, Bernie, and Samuel waiting to take the elevator up to their bungee platform. I wish the camera could have caught the terrified expression on their faces, but I was too far away.

Tristan and I. What looks like a graceful attempt for a pose is really me trying not to fall down. I am so smooth.

My awesome pink skates... I may not have worn these exact ones, but mine were the same. Thanks to the unknowing girl with similar sized feet to mine for the photo op...

Tristan's first ever galbi lettuce roll. I had to capture the moment, like a proud mother captures her child's first steps. So proud.

And this is Bernard's jump that I caught on video. He kinda screams for the first nanosecond of the jump, and then kinda falls limp. It's extremely amusing for me to watch. You probably won't think it's funny at all, because you probably don't know Bernard (for those who do know Bernard....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I know!)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Where is this bungee jump place and how do I get there?

Keep on keeping on!

Janinel said...

Bundang! Soehyun Stn on the Yellow Line.

Bloukrans Bungee said...

BUNGEEEE! Looks like such an awesome experience!