Monday, February 4, 2008

Gyeonggi Arts and Cultural Centre with the Kidlets

I can't really say I've been a massive fan of the last few field trips we've taken our kids on. In fact, I'm still reeling from Alice's Village in Seoul- what a craphole! But last Wednesday we took our morning kindergartens to the Gyeonggi Arts and Cultural Centre, which is located just a few blocks away from my neighbourhood and I really enjoyed myself- I think the kids did too. I mean, how often are you actually encouraged to paint a wall? They have a program at the centre right now which is based around educating kids in a fun way about art and how paintings are made. They let the kids fill in blank prints with colourful paint, then they taught them (in Korean, so I had no idea what was going on) about the use of colour and light in paintings and then they even had a (really well acted) play that the kids were apparently bored with, even though the actors were very enthusiastic. Oh well! Here are the pictures...

What's this? Oh... my... Lord. Lily has been caught talking. If you ever met Lily, you would immediately know how quiet and shy she is. That is why this picture is such an accomplishment. And I didn't even take it, it was Ha Jin. Bless her.

The kids all had to put painting smocks on and they were so damn cute. Here's a picture of them with me and my new teaching partner, Maria. Faye's time at Maple Bear ended last week; it was very sad, but so far Maria has been great!

The hellions: Dong Hyun and James

A few weeks ago I laughed when Lily stuck her tongue out during a picture and ever since Ha Jin has been doing the same thing! So cute.

All of my little Van Gogh's... ears intact.

Jason from Kerri's class, showing me how it's done.

May is such a little artist.

Dong Hyun is such a class clown.

When the kids finished painting, the tour guide put on these special lights that made their work look really cool!

James was totally into my camera the whole time.

The ever-dysfunctional group photo...

Cutie pie James on the bus back home.

Daniel asked for my camera.

And I found many self portraits...

What a little goofball.

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