Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Years!

So my New Year's was pretty low key. I mean, of course there was plenty to drink and I was spending time with friends, but we didn't go to any fancy parties or anything. Basically, we sat at the Fry Place and played asshole (the card game) the whole night- which was interesting because my friend Latif from Uzbekistan joined in our celebrations and had never even really played cards before. We had a lot of fun, and of course I called my parents in Canada as soon as the clock hit 12! It was 11 AM where they were, but still. They were at least awake. So enjoy the pictures!

Typically, in Korea if you order a dish at a bar the people serving it to you think it's for the whole table, so they bring enough chopsticks for everyone. But when we go out, we go out Western style! Latif was surprised to see that they gave him six sets of chopsticks for one piece of fish.

I really enjoyed Drew's dokbokkie that he ordered. It was amazing! Smothered in cheese and with chunks of potato... my favourite combination.... For those of you who are unaware, dokbokkie is a really popular dish in Korea, but is usually served at a street vendor or a kiosk. It's made of dok, or soft chewy rice cake, fish cake (usually; but I don't think this particular dokbokkie had any), onion, and these things are simmered for a loooong time in a spicy red pepper sauce. It's really to die for to begin with; the cheese and potato were just icing on the cake.

Charlene in the background, probably laughing at me because I'm drunk. Kerri with her freshly curled hair!

And her mini skirt. I think the Hello Kitty mittens are a nice accent, don't you?

This wouldn't be a typical Janine photoshoot without at least 12 self portraits. I'll spare you the other 11.

President and Vice President! If you've never played the game asshole, you have no idea what I'm talking about. And that's ok.

Latif was a fast learner. He's sneaky, too.

This time instead of me being president, Kerri is president and I am vice. We make an excellent administration.

I can see someone's cards....

Latif is angry because he always ends up the asshole. Kim is happy because she has her wedding extensions in.

The cute couple-ness ends as soon as the game starts. They are officially opponents!

Charlene thinks my time at the top is nearing an end (not to toot my own horn, but she was wrong, wrong, wrong!).

But we made up eventually! She is so my Korean Mom.

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