Monday, January 7, 2008

New People! Lovely.

We got some great new teachers and said goodbye to Chris, Helena, and Liz (sniffle). But seriously, the new teachers are great! We went for galbi. Here are some pics! Oh, also, I just really wanted to show you how dirty and disgusting our tables look after a meal of galbi. Really, the table becomes a disaster area. Enjoy!

Mmmmm marinated pork and bbq kimchi. My fav.

Me and Lisa met up with the newbies since they will be the people we will be spending the rest of our time in Korea with- hence, we must force ourselves to get along (although it's really not that hard).

Tracy from Ontario and Sam from Texas!

Bernard, also from Ontario, and Lisa are already BFF.

Galbi on tha grill!

Disgusting messes.

More messes.

The last angle of the mess. As my students like to say with me, THEEEEEE END.

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Anonymous said...

seeing this makes me cry. I miss that seedy dong.