Thursday, January 10, 2008

Story Time

Miss Janine: Once upon a time there was a great, big dinosaur who was very hungry.

Ha Jin: He felt hot so he went swimming.

Lily: And there was an extremely very, very, very hungry caterpillar.

Nina: The dinosaur took the very hungry caterpillar home and raised him as a pet.

Tiger: The dinosaur went to the pepper field and picked some peppers and ate them, but they were very hot so he ran to the river and drank some water.

Miss Faye: Suddenly, he missed the caterpillar so he went back home.

Dong Hyun: Then he ate the caterpillar.

Daniel: The dinosaur was still hungry and hot, so he left his house.

James: The dinosaur ate many king's crowns and he turned into gold.

May: And the caterpillar turned into gold too, because he was in the dinosaur's tummy.

The End.

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