Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hot Friday Nights

I admit, and apologise, for being very lame. I know. I don't have any money til tomorrow and I just haven't been venturing too far out of my neighbourhood. Last Friday night we had a little "getting to know you" gathering for all of our new teachers. "How does one get to know one?", you may ask. You obviously play kings. Duh. For those of you who have never played kings, you basically make up rules for every card in a deck of cards, throw them face down on the floor, and randomly pick cards while applying said rules while drinking. The game also goes by the name of Sociables.

This bone is Fozzie's addiction. He guards it with his life!

Cards, booze, and all of us on the floor.

Deciding on the rules.

Tracy and Sam.

Kim has insider's information on the good card locations.

Fozzie's all like, "stop playing cards and pay attention to meeeeee".

Then of course we moved on to play Asshole. President once again! I rule at this game. And my modest attitude just can't be beat!

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