Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Busan at a Glance

I thought I'd just group all of the photos that don't really merit a post of their own together. I was only there for two-ish days, but I think I did pretty well as far as seeing and doing a lot. I went to the best jjimjilbang I have ever seen (jjimjilbangs being Korean mineral baths and saunas), hiked up a mountain to Beomeosa Temple (tomorrow's post), did the beach bum thing, wandered random streets, and walked downtown Busan (Seomyeon) at night, all the while taking random pictures of random things.

The view from my first hostel, which was located on the 13th floor of a high rise apartment building. I thought this was pretty freaky until...

I got to my second hostel the next day. This one was on the 29th floor. Yikes! PS: If you need a place to stay in Busan, stay here. It was the best hostel ever and the owner is young and hip. It's affordable, June (the owner) lives there and he lets you play his guitar and loiter around his nicely decorated living room, and it's so clean. I loved it. I'll be back for sure. But yeah. It's pretty high up. June was like "Janine, you should go to the rooftop and check out the helicopter pad!". Uh... no thanks.

2nd floor cafe across the road from the beach. Lovely view, but I couldn't stay outside for very long.

This woman made the best mandhu I've ever tasted. I mean, it was beyond delicious. She was laughing at me so hard for taking this picture, probably because she didn't think there was any reason to. But I thought she was so nice and photogenic!

Speaking of mandhu, there is an entire street devoted to little street food kiosks in Seomyeon (which is downtown Busan, where all the cool bars and clubs and restaurants are located).

I found a neat little cafe tucked in a side street near one of the city universities. Good coffee and surprsingly good music!

Street vendors in Seomyeon. I walked for a few hours and I still didn't get to see what everyone was selling. And this was on Thursday night, which was the main holiday for Lunar New Years. I was told nothing would be open!

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