Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Haeundae Beach

For my Lunar New Year's vacation I decided to check out the port city (and the second largest city in Korea) of Busan. It was amazing! I had no idea how much I missed the ocean, seriously. Anyway, for my first day there I headed out to Haeundae Beach which is on the green subway line (in Busan it is so easy to get around; only three subway lines!). It was absolutely beautiful. The sun way shining, the sea breeze was blowing, families were out feeding the seagulls (I know... gross) and I spent the afternoon lazing about the beach in my boots and scarf (losing the boots and socks momentarily to stick my feet in the water/sand, naturally), people watching and picture taking. Here is a selection for you to enjoy:

View from the West end. Nice skyline, don't you think?

And from the East side I thought it looked almost Mediterranean, but have since been informed by someone who has actually been there that this is not the case. There goes the dream.

It felt weird to be walking a beach in my boots. It probably wasn't too far off from year round attire for most Koreans though. Bathing suits are not suitable.

Someone strategically placed this dried fish on a rock to look like he was washed ashore. It was so random and hilarious.

And finally I got tired of walking and had my first sunning session of the year! I never thought it would be a fully clothed session in the month of February, but I'll take what I can get.


Anonymous said...

Love your boots!

Janinel said...

Thanks Mom... you need to figure out to not be so anonymous.