Monday, February 18, 2008

Night Out with the Boys

I've developed a nasty habit of posting pictures for a long time before posting any explanation for said photographs. Sorry! I have to do all of my blogging from school because, although I have a computer at my apartment, the hard drive is broken somehow. I need to see about getting it fixed. Please cross your fingers for me!

So on Saturday night Lisa and I went out with our new favourite Korean guys, Jack and Steve. Lisa met Jack at a Family Mart after barhopping in our neighbourhood one night and they planned to go for drinks together, then somehow I got thrown into the scenario as did Stevo. I'm glad though, because these are the first Korean guys that I've actually been able to get to know on a more personal level, and they're great!

This past Saturday we went to see the movie "Jumper", which was... well... I didn't hate it and frankly I'm surprised. After the movie we went to find a decent norabang place and we came across this "Multi Club" in Ingyedong- dance club and bar with private norabang rooms. The best thing about our room? The norabang screen had a live feed to the dancefloor, and since the club was empty Lisa and I took turns laughing at each other dancing on the screen. Here's Lisa, the red blob:

I got such a kick out of this thing.

The whole club had a very retro feel to it. We ordered dokbokkie and soju which, in my opinion, is, like, the best Korean culinary combination. Akin to wine and cheese, or guinness and fish n' chips.

Stevo is quite the singer! He surprised us all with his lovely vocals.

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture. Jack did some Big Bang (only the greatest Korean hip hop band since ever) and I was totes digging it. After norabang we went to a bar in our neighbourhood for, surprise surprise, more soju and some serious political discussion involving what their time in the army was like and me blurting out "Korean guys think white girls are easy, don't they?" Jack and Stevo have spent a lot of time in Canada, so obviously they know the "rumours" are not entirely true, but they sure took their time answering my querie! Their silence was confirmation enough.


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