Thursday, February 21, 2008

End of the Year

In Korea the school year ends at the end of February. No long summer vacation for these kids! Not that summer is the best time of year here; I have never experienced such humidity in my life. And the spiders are huge and scary and they fall on my head from the trees. And I scream and make a fool out of myself, but what else is new, right? I love Korea.

Anyway, the end of the year means I get a whole lot of new kidlets and grudgingly let my old ones move up into seven year old kindergarten. I will miss them so, so much. They're pretty much the most awesome kids ever.

Tiger and Ha Jin on the carpet. Is it just me or did they grow over the last six months?

What are you talking about. I have great control over my class! Dong Hyun, making his usual camera face; May, snarling; Lily and James: hiding.

These are my two silent boys. Seriously, they never talk or make noise. Really. I thought my strict enforcement of the "No Korean" rule in class would create a more peaceful environment, but really all the kids just yell "NO KOREAN!" at each other all day.

Nina really is quiet, though. What a sweetheart. And she has the same birthday as my Mom (Happy Birthday Mom...).

I had a pizza party with my ESL's. This is my lone boy, Andrew.

The girls chatted and bickered. Andrew ate pizza. I tried (and failed) to try to get the girls to chat in English.

Jenny is so cute. I will miss her.

Yena in the reading house. Being quiet. Hallelujah.


Victoria said...

The kids are really sweet=)
but i have never known that it's possible to handle korean children without using korean language...
And now you're showing such kind of magic.Amazing.

Janinel said...

Thanks Victoria, but I can't take the credit! My Korean teaching partner Jessica has been a godsend...